Thursday, 21 February 2008

Open House!

I was going to write about low fat dairy (doesn't that phrase sound too depressing?) but happily a reader, Bob, came up with the following excellent idea:

"Are you going to have a place for folks to make suggestions for your book? I've got a couple good ideas that have worked well for us."

This sounds a lot more fun than my reluctant efforts at weight reduction - though low fat dairy is frugal, believe me. It's so dull that you don't want much of it . . .

Anyway over to you, Bob, and anyone else who'd like to share their thoughts . . .


Erika Cule said...

Buy Fiona's Books.

Beyond Baked Beans (the original one) is the best one and contains lots of useful tips in the beginning bit.

Beyond Baked Beans Green was useful until I quit being veggie, now I bastardize the recipes with added bacon.

Curiously, I've had much less success with the Budget one. Some of the "recipes" are bizarre or trivial.

Fiona Beckett said...

Thanks for the recommendation, cq, though I'm sorry you found 'Budget' a disappointment. It was specially focussed on first time cooks who were cooking for themselves so that may be why you found the recipes a bit obvious.

Hope you'll like The Frugal Cook when it comes out, anyway!