Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Tough times ahead

It's hard to read today's headlines without a shudder. Even though city boys, who for years have enjoyed ludicrously inflated bonuses, might not be the immediate object of our sympathy you have to feel sorry for the hundreds of ordinary people who have lost their jobs. And there will be more casualties, of that I'm sure.

Losing your job is tough. It's not just the financial implications, worrying though they will be to those who are mortgaged to the hilt. It's the loss of identity that is bound up in a job and the consequent lack of self worth that often ensues.

Adapting to a situation where you have to think about every penny you spend, an experience already familiar to many, won't come easy.

I hope this blog, for those who read it, can at least make cooking and eating on a budget enjoyable rather than daunting.

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