Friday, 26 August 2011

Wine of the Week: Tesco Finest Manzanilla sherry

I make no apologies for being a sherry fan. In fact it amazes me that it's still so unpopular and still so underpriced.

This classic style from Bodegas Barbadillo is a real treat. Ultra dry, nutty and ever so slightly salty, it's designed to be drunk well chilled with tapas such as nuts, olives and slices of chorizo (Tesco has a good one which works well in cooking too). It's also really good with fried fish.

This is the first of a weekly slot where I'll highlight a wine I think offers good value for money. At £5.49 a 50cl bottle (£5.21 a bottle if you buy a case online) - enough for 5-6 glasses - this is bang on the mark.

Available in 286 (i.e. larger) Tesco stores.


Sarah said...

I thought sherry was making a come-back.

I can't get it at all here, to my chagrin and can't really justify nipping down the autoroute to stock up at le Pertus. I don't understand it as Spain is right friggin next door!

Even the international shop doesn't have it. It has Pimms but not sherry. :(

Fiona Beckett said...

Ah, but it probably doesn't regard Pimms as competition ;-) What France does have though (apart from cheap wine) is some really well priced aperitifs like Guignolet.