Saturday, 21 January 2012

A weekend to buy whisky

With Burns Night coming up this week and many celebrating it this weekend, now's a good time to stock up on your favourite whisky brand. Almost all the supermarkets have got special offers. Here's my pick of the bunch (meaning the best deals, not necessarily the best whiskies - see comments!)

1 litre bottles of Famous Grouse for £16 instead of £18.97 - standard bottles for £13.47 (£16.50-17 elsewhere)
Glenmorangie 10 y.o. for £21.97 (£33-£34 elsewhere)
Isle of Jura 10 y.o. for £19 (£28-29 elsewhere)

Grants £12.99 instead of £14.99

Halves of Famous Grouse for £7.29 instead of £8.29
Whyte & Mackay £12 instead of £15.79
Talisker at £25 instead of £31.99
Glenlivet French Oak reserve at £25 instead of £34.79

Aberlour 10 y.o. for £21 (£25-27 elsewhere)

Ardbeg £34.50 instead of £40.50
Knockando £24.75 instead of £30.75

Booths also seem to have some good whisky offers with £10 off a number of leading malts including Ancnoc 12.y.o. and Old Pulteney 12 y.o., though they unhelpfully don't say what the discounted price is on their site. Apart from Isle of Jura 12 y.o. which is down to £20.95 from £30.95.

And Lidl has a decent own brand whisky called Hunter's Glen (yes, naff I know but it's fine) for £11.99.


Anonymous said...

oh lordy, recommending grants is blasphemy! whyte and mackay and the grouse not much better!

G said...

I suspect she's commenting on the OFFERS being 'pick of the bunch' rather than the actual whiskies.

That said, although I do have a number of good single malts, a glass of Famous Grouse as an 'everyday' whisky isn't too bad!

There are some good offers there!

Fiona Beckett said...

Yes, should have made that clearer. Good offers, I meant, not saying these are the pick of Scotch whisky.

Many people who only drink whisky on Burns night will be pleased to find well known brands at this price though.

University Munch said...

ooooh we like this blog! great advice on cheap alcohol!... great for students! we shall tweet our followers about this post :)