Saturday, 16 March 2013

Why Frenchwomen don't get fat - mark II

After 9 days in Paris (it should have been 7 but we got marooned when Eurostar services were suspended) I was dreading getting on the scales. What would the damage be from a week's solid eating - the first time off from fast days since I started the 5:2 diet? An extra 2 kilos, 3 even?

You know what? I only put on half a pound. Incredible, eh?

I ate exactly what I wanted. Charcuterie, bread, cheese, wine, desserts, pastries - not in ridiculous quantities but enough to pile on the pounds - or so I thought. Hearty helpings too - nothing pickily pushed to the side of the plate as I always suspect those fabled Frenchwomen do. On one day (inadvertently) we had two four course meals.

Yet next to nothing on the scales.

The secret? We walked. And walked. And walked - all over Paris. At home I sit in front of my computer for hours on end - sometimes not leaving the house at all if I'm busy. And I wonder why my weight plateaus for weeks.

So back on the diet today - and off for a walk

As many have said: Eat less. Move more.


Anonymous said...

Every time I'm in Paris I walk and walk - I never did the same in my time in London. It's strange but I never tire of walking around Paris. Haven't been for a bit, but looking forward to the next time. Now I live in France, I go there less than when I lived in London.

Thane Prince said...

Yes walking is what it's all about. I spend so much time walking in London something I never did when I lived n the country where you needed a car to get anywhere.
Here I walk to the shops, to work and often to visit friends. makes a huge difference.
Also in London one has pavements, street lights and busses to get you home if you've walked a little to far!

Fiona Beckett said...

I agree with you, Stowell. Paris is such a beautiful city it's just a pleasure to walk the streets - and not as crowded as London.

But I am trying to walk more in London, Thane. The other day I walked from Knightsbridge to Bond Street round the edge of Hyde Park and it really didn't take that long. Way to go!

never too old said...

well done
you have to walk in Paris otherwise you would miss so much.I went in July and wore a pedometer so i could know how many km i walked.

Jen said...

Yep, it's the walking. I spent a semester in Paris my junior year in college and I walked everywhere, only taking the metro when I was really tired or if I had to go to the opposite end of town. I lost weight while there and I didn't skimp on food; a friend who was there the same time as I was ended up losing so much weight that she dropped 3 sizes in her clothing!

Charlie said...

Is the "walking and walking" a feature of being in France, or just a feature of being on holiday?

If I were on holiday in London I would do lots of walking, but when I am in London normally I don't because I sit at my desk and work.

I don't think this argument actually apples to "Frenchwomen" because they will be doing their jobs, not wandering along the banks of the Seine and traipsing the corridors of the Louvre.

Anonymous said...

Yes its the walking! Each year I go away for two weeks, I eat big dinners with wine and puds. I snack on chips and dip, nice breads and cheeses! And and never put on weight, its got to be because I walk everyday while on my hols!

Fiona Beckett said...

"I don't think this argument actually apples to "Frenchwomen" because they will be doing their jobs, not wandering along the banks of the Seine and traipsing the corridors of the Louvre."

Fair point, Charlie - just picking a random, attention-grabbing headline. So it's probably the miniscule portions in their case. And the smoking.

But otherwise yes, I think we're all agreed - walking is good though less congenial in London I have to say. Walked from Wapping to Bishopsgate last night which wasn't quite the same ;-)

Lana said...

I heard it said that it takes 2 weeks for weight to show up on you...what do you think?