Saturday, 27 April 2013

Could you live below the line?

On Monday a major campaign kicks off called Live Below the Line to show that it is possible to feed yourself on £1 a day for 5 days - i.e. £5 for the whole week.

As I'm not taking the challenge (a long-standing few days away with my husband) I feel a bit hypocritical about urging anyone else to do so. Particularly as I know that I could have offered to do it another time but it's not easy to find the time when you make your living out of eating and drinking (no, I don't expect any sympathy for that!)  I have the luxury of choice about the matter. Many people don't.

Anyway if you're feeling inspired to have a go there are plenty of tips on the website including a downloadable recipe book and video testimonies from those who did it last time.  And some ideas on this blog like my 2 meals to make from a 15p bag of carrots post though some of the spicing might take the recipes over budget.

Jack Monroe whose blog A girl called Jack I flagged up a couple of months ago has been active in promoting the campaign on radio and TV - she's consistently shown that it's possible to not only eat cheaply but well. Possible, but no joke when you have to do it all the time.

If you want to support her or anyone else who's doing the challenge or one of the partner organisations you can do it through the Live Below the Line donations page.


Sandy said...

I am doing the challenge this year for the first time. I have ran a half marathon last september and wasn't as nervous as I am now... I think this is much harder. I will do it but I have spent the last week going over the menu again and again... and the shopping list... Please support anyone doing it. There are about 5000 people in the uk getting together to raise money for all those charities helping people around the world who live below the line of poverty. I am doing this to help The HUnger Project. Find us on the Below The Line donation website if you want to join or donate :)

Unknown said...

I could do this challenge quite easily on my own. Having another mouth to feed that`s a fussy eater is another kettle of fish. I could imagine this to be extremely difficult if I had children to feed as well. Good luck to everyone that`s doing this challenge.

country life said...

My mom lives with me on our farm and since hubby has been gone over a month and will not be back until June 1st (work) mom and I only purchase between $15 to $20 a month on groceries but I can a lot in the summer from our gardens and have freezers stocked up from last falls garden also

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