Friday, 24 December 2010

My cut-price Christmas turkey

As you can see I managed to get my cut-price turkey - just. I had a moment's panic when we went to Sainsbury's at 3pm and found there wasn't a single turkey left.

But Waitrose had several including this under half price offer on a 5.5kg organic bronze which was reduced from £57.77 to £27.19. I could have got a cheaper one still for about £9 from their Essentials range but this seemed too good a deal to pass up. Some more free-range birds came out as I was queuing to pay.

The checkout assistant told me that last year the last turkey in the store - an outsize organic bird - had been reduced from £74 to £5.99 just before they closed at 7 o'clock so if you hold your nerve - or are prepared to cook something other than turkey if you miss out - you can probably get one cheaper still. But I'm pretty pleased with my bargain.

Have a very happy Christmas everyone, however you spend it x.


Robert said...

Congratulations. I've saw turkey crowns in tesco reduced to £9 from about £20 But I'm going out for lunch so didn't buy one. I smiled when I saw a waitrose game casserole mix reduced for £1.59. So I bought one for freezing to cook later with red wine to be served with mash.

Have a nice Christmas.

Colette said...

Saw your theory in action today. M & S were marking down turkeys and lots of other items at about 3.30 p.m. (Store in Ireland). Might just have the courage next year to hold out until the very end. Happy Christmas - katzwizkaz

notSupermum said...

I couldn't take a chance and wait, as this is our first year eating at home as a family - in previous years we've always been to my parents/my Dad. So, my daughters and I wrote a list of things we wanted to eat on Christmas day and I made sure I got everything on the list.

Merry Christmas!

Mulanxox said...

WHAT! That's cheap as! Well done for finding it :D! Goodluck cooking it! remember lots lots of photos!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed.

I'd get one in advance and then buy another. A bargain like that is worth an extra trip. Quality turkey is beautiful.

Fiona Beckett said...

Ooops, sorry all. Hadn't realised I hadn't replied to your comments.

Sorry I didn't manage the photos Mulanxox!

Belated happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all . . .