Thursday, 13 March 2008

Buying direct from the producer

A quick overnight trip to Wales to research a piece on lamb proved an unexpected source of bargains. Apparently the producer (a partnership of two farmers who trade under the name Gower Salt Marsh Lamb) can barely give their cheaper cuts away.

They couldn't have been more delighted when I picked a pack of lamb knuckles (£1 each) and one of kidneys (given away) rather than walking off with one of their few remaining packs of lamb steaks (the salt marsh lamb season having ended in December). It's apparently the same with hearts and other offal.

It's certainly a cheaper way of buying meat than in farmers' markets many of which have become quite expensive so if you have a producer near you I'd go direct to the farm gate. And always travel with a coolbag!

I'll let you know what I do with my booty which is currently thawing gently in the fridge.

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