Thursday, 20 March 2008

Newspaper-wrapped trout

At the last minute I abandoned the idea of pan-fried trout and almonds because my neighbour downstairs told me that she always used to wrap trout in old newspaper to bake it and that seemed such a brilliantly frugal thing to do I couldn't resist it.

You simple soak a couple of sheets of newspaper in water (two spreads of a tabloid, two pages of a broadsheet) place the trout in the middle, stuff it with lemon and herbs, season it and wrap it in wet newspaper. Then you bake it at a moderate heat (180°C/Gas 4) for 25 minutes. When you unwrap it the skin comes away in one piece leaving you with fabulous, pink succulent flesh

The only downside is that you lose the baking juices which tend to sink into the paper which seems a bit wasteful but you can simply pour over a little extra melted butter and a squeeze of lemon - or of course, make a more elaborate creamy herby sauce.

I was so excited by the whole process I forgot to take a photo but I guess you'll get the picture.

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