Monday, 6 October 2008

Bring back quiche!

I was testing recipes for my new cheese book at the weekend and made this really scrummy (though I say it myself) Leek and Stilton quiche. Quiche, note, not tart. (Another example of francophobia that we consider the idea of quiche hopelessly outdated)

Well it couldn't be better suited to these hard times. Home made short crust pastry is cheap and simple to make. Leeks are in season, Stilton curiously underpriced compared to other blue cheeses, eggs and single cream (I could have used milk) still reasonably priced. There was easily enough for six.

The downside again is time. You have to make the pastry, rest it, line the flan tin, ideally chill the case, bake it blind, first with baking beans and then without then finally bake it with the filling and cool it down. (Cold or room temperature quiche is much nicer than hot quiche.) But it's a nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon and if I wasn't in the middle of testing umpteen other recipes I'd probably have made two.

So when did you last make a quiche? Are you a fan or do you find them just too much of a palaver?


Anonymous said...

I make quiche all the time. I find it very frugal because it can use up all the little bits and pieces of things that are left over: cooked vegetables from last night's supper, little pieces of bell peppers, various small chunks of cheese, deli meats or chopped leftover cooked meat, etc. Each quiche is different based on what I have on hand.

Fiona Beckett said...

Good for you, Canadian! Nice to find a fellow quiche fan!

GretchenX said...

I love quiche! Then again, I love anything with eggs. But making a quiche crust, I'm not sure how up to it I am!

Anonymous said...

Where's the recipe?
Would be nice if you had a recipe with it.

Another good tip is to shoot your foods at an angle.
Makes for a more interesting shot.