Sunday, 26 October 2008

Lobster wars

News in the papers today that Lidl is selling £4.99 lobsters. And - not surprisingly - that they're being snapped up.

It's a bit like the stunt which Woolworths pulled a year ago, selling a 'basics' champagne for £5 a bottle: much less about perceived market demand (we can all live without lobster, for goodness sake) but getting new shoppers into their stores.

Lidl has something else to gain which is to steal a march on its rivals Aldi which has managed to create the impression that it has the best quality offering of all the discounters (and is now selling cut-price lobsters too, I am informed, as is Tesco . . .)

Of course, as any frugal cook knows, this is not a real bargain. There's not much meat on a lobster. You'd need a whole one for a main course which, if you were serving it to 5 guests (plus yourself) would result in a bill for £30 for that course alone - never mind the champagne you'd want to drink with it. Just think how many prawns you could get for that!

What do you think of Lidl's offer and would you be tempted by it?


Jean said...

Well, I wouldn't buy lobster because I would know what to do with it. Btw, was that pun intentional Fiona? Lobsters being snapped up?!

We don't have a local Lidl but I do shop at the local Aldi on a regular basis. They usually have a weekly promotion on fruit and vegetables, well worth checking out. They stock a very good range of cold meats too.

Fiona Beckett said...

'Fraid so, NSM. Can never resist a good - or bad - pun!

We don't have an Aldi near us. There is a Lidl so I shall have to go and check the lobster situation out. Wouldn't mind betting they've 'sold out' by the time I get there. These offers never seem to materialise in practice!

Jean said...

Fiona, just got back from Aldi where I noticed they had whole canadian lobsters for sale at £5.99.

Btw, I did a weeks food shopping including bread, vegetables (loads of veg all at 39p a pack), fruit (bunch of bananas for 57p), teabags, pasta, tinned tomatoes and biscuits. Total bill was £23.07. Result!

Fiona Beckett said...

That is a good shop, especially the fruit and vegetable bags for 39p. But this lobster rivalry is ludicrous!

Anonymous said...

I would not buy lobster from Lidl or Aldi, sorry. Many other things and gladly, but not lobster.

I am not being a snob. I love crab but have never eaten lobster, am mighty picky about my seafood, and would not want some poor critter flown all the way from Canada or similar to be my first lobster eating experience. I would prefer to spend more money and buy something really fresh and locally caught.