Monday, 12 May 2008

The veg box experiment - days 3 and 4

Managed to make significant inroads into the veg box over the weekend, polishing off the remaining courgettes (as a veggie accompaniment to some baked fish with a punchy tomato and olive sauce), the leeks and a couple of potatoes and half the cabbage (with a roast hand of pork with wild herbs and garlic). I blanched the cabbage then tossed it in a little oil I'd flavoured with yet more garlic and a sprig of rosemary from our neighbours' garden (No, I didn't nick it - they gave it to me!) Cabbage and rosemary is a good combination.

The highlight though was a leek and tarragon frittata (above) which also used up half a bunch of spring onions, some parsley stalks and a couple of sprigs of tarragon I had in the fridge. The problem with this particular veg box is there are no herbs so I've had to buy those from our local greengrocer, Terry.

I have to say it's a lot more fun buying from him than it is interacting with a box. You can see what's looking good and have a bit of a chat. His prices are good and a fair amount of his produce is local. But not everyone has a greengrocer five minutes down the street.

What's left? Quite a lot of potatoes, still - we don't eat many potatoes but they'll keep, the carrots and the remaining cabbage. Not a wildly inspiring selection for a warm May day but I'll find something to make with them to accompany the leftover pork. Coleslaw probably.

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