Sunday, 31 August 2008

Leftover fish curry

As I write the title to this post I'm aware it doesn't sound a big turn on. Leftover fish. Hmmmm. But trust me, it was good.

First of all the fish wasn't cooked, merely the odd bits and pieces that hadn't found their way onto the kebabs that our friend Rich's mate Chris was rustling up for a big family barbecue (mainly tuna and swordfish). Chris is a chef so you'd expect him to come up with something good but this was an impressive use of the scant contents of a holiday villa storecupboard.

Apparently he sweated off a few onions and peppers and about 4 cloves of garlic over a very low heat for about half an hour then added some cayenne pepper and ground coriander, some chopped tomatoes and some water, cooked the sauce until it was thick, added the cubed fish then stirred in a carton of crème fraîche (interesting effect - I'd thought he'd used coconut milk). Think he might also have added a squeeze of lemon (lime would also have been good)

The great thing about fish curries is that people who profess not to like fish much will eat them. You can also use those frozen fish steaks that look unappealingly rectangular on their own but are fine cubed and/or throw in a few cheap frozen prawns or those frozen seafood mixes.


notSupermum said...

Fish curry sounds lovely, I might give that one a try. Btw, nice to have you back again Fiona!

Fiona Beckett said...

Thanks, notsupermum :)

In fact I'm still on the road, as it were, but will be back in Bristol later this week . . . said...

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