Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Maybe the answer is halal meat

Following my earlier moan this week about cheap cuts I passed what looked like a halal butcher yesterday in Shepherds Bush in London which was selling all kinds of inexpensive cuts of lamb from an amazing £1.24 a lb. It was also really well trimmed of fat.

We used to buy halal meat occasionally from a Bangladeshi grocer where I lived in St Albans and it was particularly good for stews, tagines and curries.

I didn't have time to explore yesterday but there are loads of really cheap places to shop round Shepherds Bush including several middle eastern greengrocers and a flourishing street market.


Helen said...

Hi Fiona. I used to live in Shepherd's Bush and although I found the odd stall on the street market to be good (the fruit and veg for example), the meat stalls there are a little ropey to say the least. I dread to think where they source their meat and how it has be reared. I understand however that it is an affordable option for many, including myself when I lived there. I once bought meat from one of the stalls there and it made me quite ill so I just thought I would put the warning out there!

Fiona Beckett said...

Actually, Helen, the meat wasn't in the market but in a butcher's shop but take your point - you need to be careful.

It was really to make the point there are bargains out there if we only look . . .

Helen said...

Fiona - I couldn't agree more. Exploring is definitely the way to find those great little local places with the bargains.

Hippolyra said...

For a good market go to the North End Road Market on a saturday - it runs between the Lille Road and Fulham Broadway. The fruit and vegetables are incredibly cheap, there is an excellent cheese stall and the Middle Eastern Shops are a treasure trove.

Last weekend I bought 24 nectarines for £2!