Saturday, 10 January 2009

Treat a friend for a fiver

I don’t know if you ever get the Financial Times but for some years now at this time of year they’ve run a great cut price restaurant promotion. It started some years ago as 'Lunch for a fiver' then the price crept up and for a few years, at the height of the boom, the idea seemed to be running out of steam. Now it’s been revived with a clever twist that benefits all parties - the customer, the restaurant and the FT.

This is the deal. You take a friend to lunch (and in some cases dinner) at one of the restaurants that is taking part in the promotion. They take 50% off your total food bill then you pay £5 for the friend (or obviously split the bill between you). You also have to present 3 tokens from the FT - there are two in the Weekend Edition which costs £2.30 and one in the daily edition which costs rather less which makes your second meal around £8 plus drinks.

Obviously the better the meal the more the deal is worth and the advantage of the FT promotion, unlike those run by other newspapers, is that some seriously good restaurants take part thanks to the clout wielded by the founder of the scheme, the FT’s restaurant critic, Nicholas Lander. Ones I would single out include Bibendum, Chez Bruce, L’Anima, Le Café Anglais, Moro, Quo Vadis and Ransome’s Dock in London, Bordeaux Quay in Bristol, The Vineyard at Stockcross, Anthony’s in Leeds and the wonderful Walnut Tree just outside Abergavenny. You can find the full list here. The promotion starts next Monday and runs till February 13th so if you want to take advantage I’d pick up a copy of the paper this weekend for your first two tokens.

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