Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Fruit 'martinis'

Back from the Emerald Isle which was indeed looking very green after all that rain.

I had a really great trip and a fabulous birthday - the best I can ever remember.

Believe it or not I'm off again in 36 hours, this time to France to try and establish whether my mother-in-law can manage to go back home after her fall a couple of months ago or whether she'll have to go into a home which she understandably doesn't want to do. Tricky.

No time for much in the way of creative cooking in the meantime but here's a great idea I picked up from a lovely hotel called The Old Convent we stayed in in Co. Tipperary. (Not remotely frugal but a surprise birthday treat from my husband before we headed home yesterday.)

It's simply martini glasses filled a third of the way up with home-made yoghurt and topped with assorted fresh fruit. A strikingly pretty and not-too-extravagant idea for a brunch (You can obviously use wineglasses or tumblers if you don't happen to have a dozen martini glasses, as few of us do)

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