Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Oh, the joy of a good apple pie!

Isn't this a thing of beauty?

I wish I could say I'd cooked it myself but these are the apple pies they make at the Farmgate café in Midleton, Co. Cork.

There's something very special about an Irish apple pie. The filling is a wonderful chunky mound of sweet fruit, the pastry wafer thin and crisp with a lavish dusting of caster sugar. It's much lighter and less stodgy than an English apple pie.

Judging by this recipe the crucial difference is that they use eating rather than cooking apples and a high proportion of fat to flour - plus some sour cream.

I'm off cooking duty this week but shall have to have a crack at it when I get home.


Julia said...

Oooh Fiona! That looks gooood.

TrillianAstra said...

According to your blog is worth $11,855.34

I'm not sure what this means (I think it's related to how many other websites link to you), but I thought I should pass on the information. Maybe you could find some way for this to help fund your expensive trip to Ireland. :-)

Fiona Beckett said...

If only, Charlie ;-)

Am discovering some things are cheap in Ireland, though.

Potatoes (surprise, surprise)
Bread - and it's very good
Apple pie
and mackerel

We're staying on an organic farm and have access to their greenhouses which is bliss . . .