Friday, 15 August 2008

Yikes! Ireland is expensive!

We're over on 10 days holiday celebrating a Big Birthday (Mine. One of those ones with an 0 at the end) and I can't believe how expensive Irish restaurants are. The main courses in the restaurants in Wexford we looked at last night were all between 20 and 30 euros, pretty well London prices and certainly much more than we would pay in Bristol. Wine, which is hugely popular in Ireland, is really pricey too.

Fortunately breakfasts such as the wonderful one we had this morning at McMenamin's (above) are so lavish that one doesn't need lunch so I reckon a strategy of blow-out breakfast, afternoon tea and one course for dinner will get us by until we get to the house we've rented.

Lovely place though. Couldn't meet nicer people.


ramtops said...

I hadn't realised you were a Bristolian - we're in Long Ashton!

Ireland is expensive, isn't it? - we went over to Galway for a week in July. Still, worth it, I think.

Have a good birthday :)

Fiona Beckett said...

thanks, ramtops. Sure I will despite the weather which is much the same as Bristol - i.e. chucking it down! Bring on the Guinness!

Jean said...

Ireland is expensive but hey, you're worth it! Happy birthday Fiona, enjoy being 30 (that's the big birthday, right?) 'cause it's all downhill after that:-)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I'm a McMenamin living in the States! Would love to visit Ireland someday.


Fiona Beckett said...

Many thanks notsupermum. Six days to go so shall enjoy the final days of being 29 ;-)

And Candy, you've got to come over and visit the Old Country. McMenamins is the best B & B I've ever been in!

Em. said...

We've recently got back from Ireland - a week self catering; where we did self cater, purely because it was SO expensive!! It was even hard to find a bargain in the supermarket! Lovely country though - just a need to be a millionaire before visiting!

Fiona Beckett said...

No shortage of those, em, I suspect. Did you see the property prices? 750,000€ for a cottage!