Monday, 14 July 2008

Rescued roast peppers

I've had a bizarre 48 hours moving from Arles in Provence back to the Languedoc then flying home to Bristol yesterday, in the process experiencing a couple of thunderstorms and a temperature drop from 33° to about 14°C last night.

We took some vegetables with us to Arles (as you do . . . ) that we hadn't got round to using then didn't get round to cooking them because we got distracted by the heat and the photography and the cooking facilities in the flat we were staying in were so basic. (At least that's my excuse . . . )

Two aubergines had bitten the dust, I'm afraid to say, but I salvaged a couple of big red peppers and beefsteak tomatoes and some gorgeous sweet onions that they sell by the bunch at this time of year. I cut them up and roasted them in a moderate (about 180°C) oven, Elizabeth David-style with slivers of garlic and lashings of olive oil for about an hour and a quarter until they were all sweetly caramelised then left them to cool. We ate some for supper, dunking chunks of fresh baguette in the gorgeous garlicky oil then I left the rest for my husband to pick at while I'm away. They make a great addition to sandwiches or you can add pasta to them for a pasta bake.

No sooner had I got back, of course, than I had acquired more veg in the form of this fabulous bunch of onions I picked up from an organic food stall at the Bristol Wine and Food Fair. Not wholly sensible as there's only me to feed but they were irresistible. I think maybe a green onion soup with beans would be good. It's certainly cold enough for it.

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