Friday, 11 July 2008

Thrifty 50 - 50 budget recipes from UKTV Food

Topically the UKTV website has put up a list of 50 budget recipes on its website today, a useful resource for anyone trying to trim their household budget.

There are a couple I wouldn't myself regard as particularly thrifty. Spaghetti vongole made with fresh clams isn't cheap unless you live by the sea - or in Venice - and the compilers of the list obviously haven't noticed how much lamb shanks have gone up in price recently but I like the idea of the Turkish chickpea stew Inzimino, Afghani aubergine casserole and James Martin's clever Instant Banana Icecream.


Beth said...

Always on the loo at for cheap meal ideas - will be taking a look - thanks for highlighting!

Fiona Beckett said...

Not at all, Beth. Glad it was useful . . .