Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Where to store fruit and veg?

I've just written a piece for my student website Beyond Baked Beans on how to rescue the foods that tend to get chucked out most often - 40% of which are accounted for by fresh fruit and veg according to WRAP, the government-backed organisation which tries to make us more waste-conscious.

Basically they reckon you should keep all your fruit in the fridge and obviously there's a lot to be said for that in terms of extending their useful life. But the fact is that I generally don't because I think it dumbs down the flavour and so much fruit (and veg such as tomatoes) is not fully ripe when you buy it.

I suppose it depends what kind of cook you are. If you're conscious of the ingredients around you on a daily basis you can probably afford to leave them out. If you're short of time or live the kind of life where you're constantly changing your plans it's probably safer to refrigerate them.

What do you reckon?


Anonymous said...

I'm almost fananatical about not wasting food. I have a huge AMerican fridge freezer, which keeps veg beautifully, although I don't like fruit in the fridge.

I have a blog about it, which is called Reactive Cooking.

Anonymous said...

I like to be able to see the fruit...... that way it gets eaten but I do keep apples in the fridge with just a couple in the fruit bowl.

Fiona Beckett said...

Good blog, ramtops! Will add it to my frugal list. Liked the sound of your chicken stir-fry.

And good point, anonymous about keeping some fruit in the fridge and some out. Certainly if you have kids it's important to have fruit readily to hand otherwise they never eat it!